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Jan 05, 2005

Teens’ lives like robots: programmed & structured

Dear Straight Talk: I’d like to add to the list of gripes about my generation and say that we’re like robots—we don’t think about what we’re doing. There’s so much programming, our lives are so scheduled and structured that we don’t have time to know ourselves.—Overbooked

Dear Overbooked: You’ve mentioned another circumstance unique to your generation. Starting from a very young age, the average kid is whisked here and there, her days and weekends scheduled to the brim with adult-organized activities. It’s very different from earlier generations, where, after school, kids had a few hours to “de-stress” by tromping around the neighborhood unattended by adults. When kids did burst into the house looking for food, shelter, and solace, there was generally a mother there to attend their needs. The constant structure and scheduling needed to accommodate that missing parent has taken a toll on this generation.


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