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Oct 27, 2005

Son shaving his legs simply the fashion

Dear Straight Talk: My son, 16,  is a lot different than I was as a teenager and I keep my mouth shut in order to keep peace with his mother (also my wife), and let him “do his thing”—which mostly seems to be video games and skateboarding. Now, I’ve discovered that his “thing” includes shaving his legs. My wife and I are at odds. I think he obviously needs some male guidance. What is your opinion?—A.F., Granite Bay

Dear A.F.: Teen boys not only need, but crave, adult male guidance. By all means, spend one-on-one time with your son, maybe one weekend doing what you like and one weekend doing what he likes. But don’t get in a lather over your son shaving his legs. It’s the fashion right now. Yes, even the jocks are doing it. Keep a sense of humor and find relief in the fact that is harmless, non-addictive, and self-reversing.


  1. By Cole, age , from Colorado on 04/08/2010

    I know so many people whom shave their legs… Including me and i’m a guy. It not just because it’s the fashion, but sometimes people these days get harassed by that. But really I do it because I run track and I like to run with clean legs even if it doesn’t slow you down that much.

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