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Sep 23, 2004

Say ‘no’ to wedding plans that exclude family

Dear Straight Talk: I’m 19 and I’ve graduated from high school and plan to get married in the spring. My parents are divorced and my dad is going to pay for the wedding. My mom is not in a position to help out financially and neither are my fiance’s parents. The problem is my dad won’t go to the wedding if my mom is there. I don’t know what to do. Here he is making this wedding possible and I don’t want to ruin it for him. But what about my mom? Won’t she feel bad if she’s not able to come? Don’t tell me to reason with my father, he is absolute on this. What should I do?—I really want a wedding

Dear Wedding: Unfortunately your father has his own interests at heart instead of truly giving you the gift of a wedding. What kind of wedding doesn’t invite the mother of the bride, to the great grief of the bride? Do not agree to this arrangement. You will regret it the rest of your life. Tell your father you want no part of his financial help unless both he and your mother are free to attend.


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