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Oct 06, 2005

Parents just as caught up in speedy lifestyle as kids

Dear Straight Talk: After reading your columns on suicide I would say that your focus on consumer society, the break-neck pace of technology, and the resulting “disconnect” teens feel toward other humans and the earth, is relevant. Unfortunately, parents are caught up in this lifestyle more than their kids, and the chances of them agreeing are slim.—Soda Springs

Dear Soda: Young peoples’ main complaint about their generation is that technology—even as they are addicted to it—drives them crazy because with all the ways they communicate (email, cell phones, texting, Myspace), and with all the ways they entertain (computer games, web surfing, movies, videos, iPods), no matter how much they do it, it doesn’t quite satisfy their thirst for human engagement. It’s like junk food. You are compelled to overeat it because your body is desperately trying to find the nutrients that don’t exist.

Kids today are buzzed on a jittery techno-energy, busier than ever trying to connect with each other, but like a bad trick, the technology takes them farther and farther away from exactly that.

And yes, parents are very caught up in it, too. I’ve never looked more forward to a cultural mid-life crisis!


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