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Jul 22, 2004

Mom suspects daughter needs birth control

Dear Straight Talk: My daughter is 16 and has had the same boyfriend for two years. They are both good kids and real responsible. I happen to be a realistic parent and considering how in love they are, I couldn’t imagine they weren’t having sex. So, I showed my daughter how to use birth control so she wouldn’t get pregnant. At that point she admitted they were having sex. The problem is her dad. We are divorced and he would have a cow if he realized she was having sex. I’m afraid he might try and remove my custody rights if he finds out I collaborated with her on this.—Protecting my daughter

Dear Protecting: Congratulations on your hunch and your desire to make your daughter’s life successful. I recommend placing a call to a family law attorney regarding your worries about custody. I also recommend the book: What’s Happening to My Body by Lynda Madaras. There are two books, one for girls and another for boys. Here you and your daughter will get full information on birth control and STDs. Read on for input from one of our teens:

From Brittney, 16: If I were you I wouldn’t worry too much about your ex-husband. Legally, your daughter is old enough to decide which parent she wants to live with. Also, if your daughter really wanted to be on birth control she could get it herself at a clinic or from her physician without either parent’s permission.


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