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Jul 20, 2005

Making-out should be equal opportunity

Dear Straight Talk: I have a gripe. At my high school, I get in trouble if I kiss my girlfriend in public, but the lesbians at my school can make-out all day and nobody says anything. They’ll make-out right by the office! What’s up with that? Isn’t that discrimination? I’m wondering if this is an issue at all schools or just mine.—Kissed-off

Dear Kissed-off: I have heard it’s an issue at other schools, too, and it’s because administrators are nervous about appearing anti-gay. Our culture’s disposition toward tolerance can make it difficult to speak up to minorities. Of course, there is nothing anti-gay about enforcing rules equally. What the gay population wants more than anything is to be treated the same. Next time you see it happening, go into the office and point out the discrepancy.

Or, follow Lennon’s advice:

From Lennon, 18: Stand next to them and make-out with your girlfriend.


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