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Sep 27, 2006

Love thy “natural” self

Dear Straight Talk: I’m writing in regard to “Julie” who wanted to start shaving her legs. I have never shaved, and have never wanted to. From a young age I’ve had an appreciation for the beauty of my body that no social pressure can take from me. Because of that, I’ve wanted to keep my body the way it was given to me. I’ve never had anyone disrespect me, make fun of me, or not be friends with me because I have hairy legs.

Even though Julie feels she needs to shave to be accepted, I suggest that she think about whether it’s really necessary to maintain healthy friendships.—Carmen, 20

Dear Carmen: You are writing to one of the most hair-removal obsessed cultures on earth so I doubt most young girls will follow your lead. Nevertheless, I wanted to share your letter because if more women chose to be as loving toward their natural body as you are, we would inhabit a saner, happier world.


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