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Jan 05, 2005

Girls take the rap for being promiscuous

Dear Straight Talk: I am writing in response to last Sunday’s column where kids talked about what bugged them about their generation. I’m 17 and I want to mention a few things about promiscuity. The way it stands, girls are picked on a lot more around this issue than boys. Both sexes are promiscuous and both are lazy regarding birth control. But for the most part, girls are putting their hearts and feelings into the relationships while boys aren’t, yet the girls take the rap for being “promiscuous.” It also bugs me that sex is portrayed as a bad act, a horrible thing: you’ll get STDs, AIDS, pregnant, it’ll hurt, etc. The way sex is taught it leaves out the reality of what sex is: a deep connection between two people when they love and cherish each other.—Rose

Dear Rose: Your point is well noted that while women have more sexual freedom than ever before, the double standard remains alive and well. However—and not to excuse the double standard—because women can bear children they will always bear a greater responsibility around sex. It’s pure biology, not a conspiracy (although it can sometimes feel that way). Your experience with sex education is interesting. With current sex education methods not holding a very good track record for either keeping teens celibate or responsible about protection, perhaps parents and educators need to think about including the sacred and wondrous aspect of sex into the education. Perhaps a combined approach would instill the awe and respect that sex deserves. Thanks for writing in about an important topic.


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