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Jan 25, 2006

Formula for peace in fashion wars

Dear Straight Talk: Recently a friend from school gave me some really cute clothes she grew out of. The trouble is my mother says I can’t wear any of them because they are too “revealing”. But they are the same as everyone wears! Finally I have an opportunity to fit in. How can I get her to let me wear these clothes? I’ve cried myself sick over this.—Eighth grader

Dear Eighth grader: As I’ve said before, to make peace in the family fashion wars, this is my formula: if the event is teen-centered, meaning school, a game, or you’re out with friends, you dress to your specifications. When you’re at home or the event is adult-centered (a family outing, company picnic, dinner with family friends), you dress to your parents’ specifications. I suggest going through the new clothes and removing the biggest offenders if you want this to fly. While you’re lucky to have a parent who cares, I hope she will see that fitting in is important for teens and having some fashion freedom is part of growing up.


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