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Oct 11, 2006

Failing student will find freedom by jumping through hoops

Dear Straight Talk: I’m a freshman in high school and I hate school. The classes and homework are stupid, useless, and boring. My parents are freaked out because I’m getting D’s and F’s but it’s just because I hate it so much.—Just want to be free

Dear Want to be free: About a third of the teens I work with at Teens-Matter are kids like you who hate school. There’s nothing wrong with them—or with you. Most simply have a personality type that is adventurous and hands-on. They crave freedom and clash with the rigid structure of the classroom. Trouble is, the more they fight against the system, the more society takes their freedom away.

The easiest, quickest way to get the freedom you crave is to jump through the hoops. You don’t need to buy into the system, just play along. Listen in class, do enough homework, be polite. When you pull your grades up, parents will stop hassling you, teachers will be friendlier, jobs will open up. Freedom is never given, always earned.


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