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Aug 29, 2012

Daughter is shaving pubic hair. What does it mean?

Dear Straight Talk: I don't know who to talk to. I walked in on my daughter (17), undressing, and couldn't help but see that she shaves her pubic hair. I didn't say a thing and decided to write you instead. Are all the girls her age doing this? Or is this a sign that my daughter is promiscuous? Thank you for this column. I read it every week. — "Helen," Monterey, Calif.

Taylor 15, Santa Rosa, Calif. Ask me a question

Most people I know shave or wax. It is normal and starts as early as eighth grade. I wouldn't judge anyone for it.

Katie 18, Auburn, Calif. Ask me a question

This is so normal it's not funny. It's a hygiene thing — plus, who wants a hair line near your bikini? My mom knows I shave/wax. I didn't hide it and she didn't say anything. Grooming yourself doesn't mean you're promiscuous; that's just silly.

Nicole 22, Santa Rosa, Calif. Ask me a question

Starting in high school, roughly nine in 10 women shave or wax all their pubic hair. It's been the norm since I was 14. I'd say about one in four young men do it, too. It does not mean a woman is more sexually active! Most men under 25 prefer a woman without hair. Yet, some of my older male friends speak poorly about it, saying it makes grown women look childlike.

Jayne 21, Sacramento, Calif. Ask me a question

Shaving or waxing doesn't necessarily mean anything. I've been shaving since I was 14 just to be more hygienic. I'm a virgin and plan to be until I get married.

Brennan 19, Sonora, Calif. Ask me a question

Just about every girl I know does it — and if they haven't done it before freshmen year of high school, they will. It's hard to wear a bikini otherwise, as they just get smaller and smaller. I wouldn't be worried about it.

Erin 17, Alpine, N.J. Ask me a question

It is expected for girls to shave or wax these days. The expectation comes from many places, but mostly from guys. They think it's 'gross' for girls to have pubic hair. Some have told me, “I'll never go down on a girl with hair.”  Or, “I started reaching my hand and was disgusted and stopped.” It's demeaning, but many girls are affected.

Brandon 20, Mapleton, Maine Ask me a question

I've known several girls (and guys) who shave to ease with cleaning and “down there” odor. It's pretty common.

Molly 20, Berkeley, Calif. Ask me a question

Having a fully or mostly shaved pubic region is very common in youth culture today. Because of the vast popularity of pornography in the younger generations, the “norm” has changed and there is tremendous peer pressure to be shaven. You might talk to her about it, but be open to the idea that fashions change and shaving doesn't mean what it used to.

Dear Helen: Leave it to youth to shock their elders. The Boomers shocked their elders, too — by not shaving at all. That was sometimes confused with “free love,” too. Payback time!

The panel is adamant regarding its innocence. It, alone, is not a sign of promiscuity. (And it is just hair, which will grow back.) Nonetheless, Molly is correct that the fashion originated from the pornography industry where pubic hair has become enemy number one. Sadly, most boys today watch pornography — starting long before sexual activity with actual girls — and what they see becomes imprinted as their standard for sexual attractiveness.

To bust what appears to be a popular myth, body hair keeps skin more hygienic, not less. Spongy pubic hair additionally protects against skin abrasions which can become infected easily in the humid genital environment. Waxing and shaving introduces hundreds of microscopic wounds. It is thought to be a primary reason staph, abscesses, and herpes infections are on the rise.

You get the “cool” award for not acting shocked. Without judging her (love the soldier, hate the war), extol to your daughter the medical benefits of pubic hair.

Editor's Note: Today’s sex education classes and home sex talks need to include the subject of shaving/waxing so that young girls (and boys) know where the trend originated and that there are significant health problems associated with it — in essence, that it's a dumb trend. The home sex talk should start MUCH younger than in pre-Internet times as almost all kids (age 5-11) have at least some exposure to hard-core pornography — with many having lots of exposure. Best is to protect pre-pubescent kids from unattended Internet use entirely, as pornography is, by far, the biggest presence there. 

Costs of pubic hair waxing/shaving: 
• Monetary:
At $40-70 per Brazilian wax job, this comes to $500-800 per year — nearly the cost of a year's textbooks, or auto insurance.
• Medical: The microscopic wounds around the labia, scrotum, and genital area are vulnerable to staph infections (including antibiotic-resistant staph), genital cellulitis, ingrown hair abscesses that can leave scars, increased herpes infections, and suspected increased vulnerability to other STIs.
• Emotional: As we heard from Erin, intense peer pressure to shave leaves straight girls little choice but to go along with it unless they want to feel sexually shunned and unattractive. There is even peer pressure among girlfriends to all look the same. —Lauren

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  1. By Nikki, age , from Folsom, CA on 08/30/2012

    Just because your daughter shaves doesn’t mean she’s a slut. Almost everybody shaves, and I’m shocked that you don’t know this already.
    Personally,  shaving leaves my skin very irritated so I just trim. It’s easier and much less painful.

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    1. By lee, age 55, from uk on 03/05/2014

      my partner (female) is 48. she tells me (and i believe her) that she first shaved at age 14. no health probs, never watched porn (until she met me) and no boyfreind when she started shaving. conclusion. NOT A KNEW THING OR PARTICULARLY UNHEALTHY.

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    2. By Todd, age 50, from Las vegas on 05/19/2017

      I have been managing since the 90s and prefer women that do as well it is much cleaner less oder and less friction during sex more attractive too but mostly it’s just plane hygiene it’s not the 70S ANYMORE THANK GOD


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    3. By scott, age 49, from ontario canada on 07/15/2017

      As a former brit my observance is that full depletion is a north american fashion along the lines of male circumcision citing cleaniless – which is part of the vast market in fear of germs and advertismwnts for cleaning products that people are so paranoided by media about germs that they cease to posses the defences to combat them.

      To me circumcising a child without consemt is abuse when i was at school the only ones that had tjis were from exotic religions now its automatic as if normal yet we protest when its done to a female yet we expect womem to shave back to presemt a prepubesant body to show virginity to a man?

      To me a shaved women is freakish its a woman child id rather see a real bush thats a woman amythibg ekse is what media has sowed in your mind as for cleaniness dont you think your gramdmothers knew what soap was?

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  2. By :Zusky, age , from Wiltshire UK on 09/19/2013

    I guess most of the comments are from the US here’s a British opinion; most of the girls I’ve been with trim and shape their pubic hair and 25 years ago when I was 15 porno mags were the same, but now porno is all about clean bald vaginas n now girls are more in to shaving. Many of my partners and i are in to naturalism n go to nudist beaches, where going bald is the norm n there is a new craze amongst us , we’ll mostly the men, who take amphetamines (amphetamines makes your genitals highly sensitive and shrinks a women’s clitoris n a man’s penis) so instead of thinking we’re inadequate if our penis isn’t the largest we revel in the fact that it’s so tiny but it’s a bit weird because nobody really talks about it but we all know it’s going on. For me personal because it’s shaved n Tiny i reminds me of being a kid again. Maybe I should talk to the other guys n ask why they choose to do it, comments very welcome please

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  3. By James, age , from KS on 10/06/2013

    I think girls you will be moms some day…  Pubic hair is there for a reason.  Total shave is like you want to be like a little girl.  Not fun.  Thanks.

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    1. By jon, age 59, from canton on 11/13/2015

      well, apparently i have two stepdaughters that are “clean”. as i am a nurse i could only say “good luck with that”! God gave us a furry covering surrounding key areas of our bodies! Seems to me no one these days wants to practice proper hygiene. and may i say, i want to have sex with a real woman, NOT a 6 year old, snot nosed brat!

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      1. By Robert Thomas, age 74, from Wyoming on 11/28/2015

        Times change and people change with the time, but I see YOU don’t. Where do YOU get off calling a 6 year old kid a snot nose?  Grow up and be an adult, and have some consideration 4 people YOU don’t even know, and THEIR reason for what they do. NOT YOUR PLACE TO JUDGE!!!!

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      2. By Leo, age 49, from Florida on 12/27/2015

        How about armpit hair on Women.

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      3. By Thalia, age 17, from UK on 03/22/2017

        Ok for starters, shaving may have some pros and cons but it does NOT transform you into a 6 yr old, “snotty nosed” little girl, so at least talk like an adult. Most men these days actually prefer a full shave and although you’re intitled to having an opinion, you don’t need to resort to petty insults to get your opinion across. Also fully shaving has become a trend among people of an earlier generation than yours so I don’t think you need to be worrying about having sex with a fully shaven women.

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        1. By Alex, age 64, from UK on 04/07/2017

          I have to agree with Thalia, no woman that i have had could called a 6 year old snot nosed girl. Over my lifetime i have had many and i’m not bragging they all meant much to me. I first discovered naked pubes in the mid 70s the girl who possessed this very lovely vulva shaved because it felt more comfortable and no other reason. As i said there were others i did not go looking for those with a bald vulva, indeed i had no way of knowing besides it wasn’t their vulvas that i was directly interested in but the person owning it. The mind being the sexiest part of the body. For my part an electrical engineer working all over the world i found myself in some hot very humid climates. I found that i persistantly suffered fungal infections particularly in the pubic area. A variety of antifungal preparations were used to stem the uncomfortable itch and aroma even though i showered a minimum of three times daily. One evening after showering i applied a little logic, for the fungus to thrive what conditions did it require, a warm dark damp environment. What kept it constant was the hair, so at this point i took the bull by the horns removing all of my pubic hair. I looked in the mirror at my handywork a 6year old snot nosed boy gazing back. That was 25 years ago, i still keep my pubic area smooth, i never suffered fungal infections there again. Sex well that gained a new sensation,, ive been happily married for a good few years, my wife incidently likes me to shave her vulva i developed a taste for it. One only has to look at our chimpanzee cousins man has evolved into a hairless ape who made clothes to cover himself because he didn’t need hair.

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    2. By John, age 17, from Bath England on 11/20/2015

      The only reason we humans have pubic hear during adolescence and adulthood is so that there is less friction during sex. And little girl? It’s hygienic dude women have periods so it’s a lot easier to clean up. Having had hair down their before was fashionable now it’s no hair deal with it old sod..

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      1. By concerned, age 27, from Cornwall on 12/21/2015

        I’m afraid that is totally misguided. It might make periods easier to ‘clean,’ but then again a shower is just as easy. Pubic hair is designed to stop bacteria entering the vaginal area, not to ease friction during sex. You’re right on the changing trends. Young men exposed to pornography from a young age hold the bald, shaven image in high esteem because it is the only thing they have ever known, which is sad in its own right.

        In fact, both male and female pubic shaving has likely contributed significantly to the startling rise in STDs this current generation of youths is enjoying.

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        1. By Al, age 55, from Southern California on 02/13/2016

          I agree with the Gentleman from Cornwall but I’d like to add something please .Pornography is primarily misognistic toward women in the first place . For the past 30 years since the Brooke Sheild Calvin Klein ads of the 80’s preteen girls are highly sexualized in popular culture . This corporate pedophilia has lead to sex trafficking of young girls as well . This is a sick culture that should rexamine lt’s morals . I enjoy oral sex with a woman with pubic hair . Vaginal hair is deep rooted so that’s a lie about getting hair in your mouth ! This topic about clean shaven millinium brats shaving pubic hairs should be addressed in schools and college campuses . Pretty soon there is going to be a super multated STD that will spread like wild fire if this stupid practice continues . Uncurrable at that my naive young adults .

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    3. By Peter, age 68, from New Zealand on 12/31/2015

      Trying to be nine years old again.

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  4. By J.S., age , from Kansas City, MO on 10/06/2013

    If I have a daughter that shaves to look unger….  Good luck,  stripper is in your future.

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    1. By A.J, age , from Bristol on 03/22/2017

      That’s crap.
      People shave for personal hygiene not to look younger… I admit that shaving has been influenced by modern pornography, but that doesn’t mean that everyone who shaves is going to be a stripper. That would mean around 90% of the girls of this generation are going to grow up to be strippers. Do you have any idea how stupid that sounds?
      In conclusion: stop making ridiculous claims and start learning to respect people’s choices.

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  5. By Brooke, age , from OH on 11/09/2013

    i’ve been shaving for almost a year now, it’s completely normal. i wasn’t affected by the media or by friends to shave, i personally think pubic hair is nasty and i would rather it be clean than bushy. i wouldn’t jump to conclusions thinking your daughter is promiscuous, i wouldn’t even say anything to her unless you want her to get embarrassed or defensive. my mom accidentally saw me and started accusing me of all these things when really i just dislike pubes haha

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  6. By Joan, age , from Osceola, Indiana on 12/30/2013

    I think pubic hair is unclean. I shave mine completely off. I make my husband shave his bare. I encourage my 13 year old daughter and my 15 year old son to keep themselves shaved bare.

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    1. By Matt, age 38, from Canada on 07/11/2016

      Joan – I totally agree with you. I’m a male that shaved all of my pubic hair for the first time at 12 or 13 years old, as soon as I got it. I remember at the time, simply looking down and wanting to be smooth like before. There was no outside influence – but people weren’t open or encouraging about it – and I had to be so private about it – I didn’t tell anyone.

      I think you are intelligent and brave for being open about your opinion on this issue with your whole family and encouraging your children at such a very young age to also completely shave their pubic hair.

      Bravo Joan!

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  7. By D, age , from Coon Rapids,MN / US on 01/05/2014

    im in my mid 20 ‘s and i preffer the natural or trimmed look.But yea it is the porn industry that supports/encourages bein clean shaven.Personally i think a girl clean shaven is almost a turn off due to the fact that it makes u seem prepubescent/little girl reminder.I think its for people with pedophilic fantasies.But i will say shave/trim/style to your preference dont do anything just to fit the norm per se.Do what your comfortable with and who cares what anyone thinks.

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  8. By Franklin, age , from Ottowa on 01/11/2014

    I think it is terrible if you ask any to shave, husbands, daughters…  Totally agree, trimmed is the way to go.

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  9. By JIFF, age , from norfolk england on 01/21/2014

    I come from a time when pubic hair was thought attractive .and ladies would be proud of a good bush .never was it thought to be dirty or any problem .girls could not wait to get a bush. why men want to see a hairless vagina defeats me why and when it was a good idea

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  10. By Bob , age , from UK, originally South London. on 02/04/2014

    [heavily edited]
    my main point:
    1. Do not forget that both genders have some degree of undesirable, and potentially “dirty” bodily hair from tailbone to navel, partial removal is more complex than total removal.
    2. If you choose to completely remove all hair from an area, and are doing so regularly, my advice would be to do so with a practice that also deals with the root of the hair, as the period between treatments will last longer and despite the equivalently high initial cost, revolutionary treatments like laser hair removal may provide semi-perminat or perminant results.
    3. it should also be pointed out that the body’s need for the growth of bodily hair is largely negated by clothing, even the flimsiest and most revealing of cuts. The choice to retain it, is as much a statement as the choice to remove it. We comfortably accept that leg and armpit shaving are the norm.

    …I have [what I consider to be] reasonable expectations when it comes to this, in my personal life and ask that hair be removed from any part the partner would want to be interacted with. I in turn offer to do so on a quid-pro-quo basis, based on their individual preferences for male bodily hair.

    Furthermore, just like a beard, unless you are growing it into a particular style, that any hair south of the eyelashes should be regularly trimmed and washed for both hygiene and it’s appearance.

    It COULD be argued that shaved bodies are seen as feminised and/or less threatening in popular media. outside of the adult entertainment industry, within mainstream media, it is commonly depicted that onscreen hair removal is largely done by Homosexual characters. [case and point: Game of Thrones]

    From a practical point of view I have always used the analogy of dropping food, if is far easier to clean dropped food off a Lino floor than a normal carpet, and a shag pile carpet is a nightmare to keep clean.

    I think the current mentality is that because that level of hair removal is so commonplace and has become so popularised, unless as mentioned above the person feels that they are either too old or too grown up to consider any kind of bodily modification beyond the stereotypical norm [armpits, legs and unsightly facial hair].  For those who seek to define their beauty by the standard of the beauty industry, or online contemporaries, hair removal will continue to remain as commonplace as the Waif build of the Victorias Secrets [type] Models who are selling the fantasy of the product, rather than the product itself.

    …Consumers will continue to emulate and desire the fantasy rather than the products.

    …One of the things i learnt very early on, in my modernism and material culture lectures is that the “signifier” may not change but the “signified” can radically change over given time.
    [case and point: “White is a flesh colored band-aid” by Sandy Huffaker (1970),]

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  11. By Megan, age 27, from Washington, DC on 07/12/2014

    The trend did not necessarily start in the porn industry. I also don’t think its fair to label it with “porn” either. When I was 13 and I first started grown hair in that region, it literally disgusted me and freaked me out so I shaved it. I told my mom I was going to do it because I did not like the way it looked. I had NEVER seen porn before. I was just grossed out. My mother’s comment: “Well, once you start you will have to do it forever, just like your legs and armpits”. It was just another stage of grooming and personal hygiene and maintenance. In my teens and throughout my 20s, talking to my girlfriends over the years about their mode and motivation for hair removal, we all kind of have the same comments – it’s uncomfortable for US! It’s not something for guys (even they are doing it! People don’t like hair like that! Again, this isn’t the 70s!). It’s something for us.

    Don’t ignore her or “let it go”. Educate her. Shaving is the worst as far as skin care because it can lead to cuts and ingrowns (OUCH! AND YUCK!). Waxing (get the hard wax if you’re going brazilian, it hurts less and takes less time!)  is the most painful, but it gets better over time. Laser is expensive but the results are permanent. My mom and I go get waxes together. Just like we would get our eyebrows waxed or our nails done. And she is very grateful that I introduced her to my esthetician at the “torture chamber” aka the spa!

    Your daughter isn’t a slut because she doesn’t like little hairs poking out of her bathing suit or underwear, or getting itchy.

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  12. By Anne, age 43, from Vermont, USA on 07/25/2014

    My daughter shaves. She’s 17. I understand it is the new normal. Personally I think it’s fine… it’s just a style thing.

    I don’t understand the objection about it making a woman look like a little girl. By that reasoning all men who shave their beards are just trying to look like little boys. Of course that’s crazy. I’ve tried shaving myself but it was just another thing to do and my husband prefers the hair anyway.

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    1. By Kai, age 34, from Irving dallas tx on 11/05/2015

      I also prefer to have line hair on vagina. …. I fill that the girl is ready for fun….

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    2. By malcolm, age 41, from uk on 03/10/2016

      How can people say a shaved vaguna looks like a little/prepubescent girl? There are significant visual differences in how a pre and post puberty vagina looks, just as a pre and post puberty penis looks different.  And i woukd be worried if someone cant tell the difference!

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  13. By Grallaraspoi, age 50, from Reykjavik Iceland on 10/15/2014

    It is reallly a live and let live thing. Everyone to do as they please. I for one pluck (tweeze) and take a private one hour time for the job on satur- or sunday morning. The hair will grow back about 80 – 90 % of them but every time thinner, softer and more eazy to pull out and now with no pain. It´s revarding to notice bigger areas getting bald and less return of hair on the pubic area and balls. Bare down there rocks.

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  14. By Bev, age 43, from Canada on 12/15/2014

    I’m 45 years old and have been shaving my pussy bare for about 14 years now.  I love being totally bald and will never go back to having pubic hair of any kind. I’m an ob/gyn and can honestly say that almost all of my female patients are bald down there. Most like the look and feel of a smooth vulva better than with hair. It’s also cleaner during your period too. I have two daughters (20 and 18) and both shave bare as well.

    Someone asked about men? Yes, more and more men are starting to shave themselves bare too.  My husband started doing it about a year ago and hasn’t looked back! He loves being smooth and I love him being smooth. A bald dick is really nice to look at and even nicer to play with! :-)

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    1. By A NURSE, age 45, from Hollywood (Florida) on 09/02/2015

      Can we please get this comment from “BEV” removed?  PLEASE! talking about how “bald dicks are nice to play with” plural!!! is crude and thus violates the rules of the forum! Further, this person is a complete liar! To say that one is an OB/GYN and MOST of your female patents shave? MOST FEMALE PATIENTS?????  Just how many MALE patients does the average OB/GYN have?  This entire thread began because of a woman who walked in on her 17 y/o daughter.  Somehow, however, YOU know that both your 18y/o and 20 y/o shave? What is wrong with you?

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      1. By Robert Thomas, age 74, from Wyoming on 10/26/2015

        The OB/GYN I think that had males that had surgery and now is female.  Honestly, ANY dumb wit knows that OB/GYN are for females as that goes without saying.  All she did was make herself look like a fool.  I think, u was wrong in asking 4 BEV to be removed because of freedom of speech, and we don’t have the right to judge.  YES! God gave us our bodies to take care of, so we try to make it comfortable as can be for us. It’s your right to shave or not to shave.  My ex-wife used to get a yeast infection until she started shaving. Sence then no more problems.

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  15. By shobilu, age 44, from Paris on 05/09/2015

    Shaved vagina looks like young girl.
    This isn’t normal is it.
    A woman is a woman.
    Seems the marketeers have taught woman that they smell bad and are unhygienic unless they cut their hair off.
    Well … our species has survived several MILLION years without fetish to look like young girl.
    And if your man wants you to look like a girl – what kind of “man” is this.
    Maybe adult Americans are actually all babies.
    Not normal functioning.

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    1. By JaimeLee, age 45, from NC on 06/16/2015

      I completely agree—-pubic hair is nature’so way of indicating that one is sexually mature. Males are easily aroused visually and the presence of pubic hair is nature’s way of being attracted to an appropriate-aged mate.

      Why are US kids wanting to be childlike? Not to mention the itching of regrowth and the burning. What is troublesome as a mom of two young women, is how does the conversation even get started? Who talks about their genitals at 13? Hair also protects the area from bacteria, much like nose hairs.

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    2. By A NURSE, age 45, from Hollywood, Fl on 03/17/2016

      For you to write that shaving is “NOT NORMAL”!  What IS normal?  90+ Percent of women shave their vulvas. (it would be pretty hard to shave ones vagina since the vagina is an internal organ!!!  It would be like writing about shaving your uterus. However since 90+ percent of women shave it bald, then shaving IS normal. As for “your” man…  If your man would like you to shave, then maybe he just wants you to look “normal”. However, there is a chance he is tired of choking on pubes. Fishing a pubic hair out of the back of the back of your mouth is awefull (or so ben told)

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    3. By Just me, age 45, from USA on 01/02/2017

      I agree.  I HATE the shaved look – total turnoff.  I don’t like the little girl look.

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  16. By Sandy, age 11, from Bleamont, IA, U.S. on 05/24/2015

    I just started to shave. It helps so no one can see pubic hair through my swimsuit bottom.

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    1. By Animelover kou, age 10, from Australia on 05/31/2016

      I just starting shave 10 years old because when I have public hair I feel more old than young I feel freely

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  17. By Zax, age 57, from UK on 06/07/2015

    Yes, I’m very old! Been there, seen it all etc. Facts are as follows: 1. Genital shaving is a very old idea – the ancient Egyptians did it – but in our culture it did indeed go mainstream due to the porn industry – before it became commonplace it was described as being ‘porn-shaven’. 2. The porn industry encouraged it because boys – and I use that term deliberately – who had little idea about the physical process of sex could see exactly what was going on – y’know, like, see it go right in and everything, yeah! 3. Removing pubic hair isn’t cleaner, as one of the things it does is conduct secretions away from the skin. Remove it and they stay there. 4. Pubic hair’s main purpose, however, is to act as a natural sex toy – the female’s hair stimulates the glans of the penis before penetration and during non-penetrative genital rubbing, while the male’s hair rubs against the clitoris during ‘grinding’ (as opposed to ‘plunging’ – sorry to be so graphic, but you know what I mean). Of course, with the current fashion for depilation, many people today will never have experienced this.

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    1. By A Nurse, age 45, from Hollywood, (FLORIDA) on 07/19/2015

          I have to take exception to #4.  “Pubes main purpose are to act as a natural sex toy”?  Are you out of your mind girlfriend? When you masturbate, do you (after lighting the candles, the Enya CD, and whatever else you do to get in the mood.) Do you grab a nylon pot scrubber (similar to a Brillo Pad) and just start “scrubbing the pot?”  What I mean is, do you just go to town on that thing, or do you grab plenty of lube, and gently, softly caress yourself. Eh?  Be honest!
          As for the stimulating of the Glans Penis…  They cum fast enough already thank you very much. Let’s not stimulate them any more than is absolutely necessary, please!
          Seriously though. The MAIN job of the pubic hair (according to a consensus of MDs, scientists, and anthropologists) is to capture, and hold pheromones.  Great… Right? I mean pheromones are those helpful little chemicals that attract the opposite sex, using a complex scent based communication system. So, where do these pheromones come from? If it is so complex that it is barely understood by scientists with more degrees than a thermometer, how are we supposed to understand?  well, as I just wrote, pheromones are chemicals that attract the opposite sex to us. As far as Pubes are concerned that’s all we need to know!
            Pheromones are partly found in sweat, which would be unaffected by waxing, as the sweat is caught by our panties. Some believe that genital pheromones are mostly found in vaginal secretions. But again, they’re captured by our panties and unaffected by waxing). Most, however, believe the highest concentration is found in PEE!
          Anyone who has ever taken a peek while urinating knows that pee, sort of “globs” the pubes in to a wick. Then it pours through the pubic hair, until you’re finished.  Wherein you wipe (or dab) with some pieces of paper, and pull up your panties, Now there it is in that warm moist environment, where the un-dabbed urine just ferments.
          Trust me during my “experimental” phase in college I had the opportunity to go “down-town”. Of course a fem-studies major is not likely to shave. The smell of urine was very noticeable, and she was a very clean girl who showered 2x day every day. The ONE time, however,  I was with a girl who shaved was wonderful! It was like all the good stuff was there, without the nasty pissy smell.
          As far as pubes keeping anything out… The two layers of labia do a good job of that. Also any secretions coming from my Holy-of-Holies will be “conducted”  by the cotton gusset in my panties.
          In Conclusion to shave or not to shave/ wax/ laser, is a personal decision. It is none of your business! It is none of anybody’s business! It is a personal GROOMING decision. It has nothing to do with sex, or sexuality. It most certainly does not make a 30 year old woman look like a little girl. The Only thing that looks like a little girls’ Hoo-Hoo, is a little girls’ Hoo-Hoo!!!  The physical changes of the vulva during puberty are too profound!
          But are we not forgetting that this HUGE discussion began with a mother who “accidentally” walked in to her SEVENTEEN y/o daughters’ closed door bedroom without knocking, and upon seeing her naked body, the mothers eyes drew straight to the daughters Pudendal Cleft.  The mother then goes online to ask we the people if we believe the daughter to be a slut (or there abouts). How can we so easily forget that “The Daughter” is just months away from being old enough to be able to sign up to serve her country in the military, buy a new car, and rent an apartment off-base!  The only acceptable answer to the mothers question about her daughters sex-life should have been a long string of outraged women stating “It is absolutely none of your business, none of your business, NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!!!”

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      1. By Gi LIp, age 38, from Kosovo on 07/28/2015

        WOW—respect…  You said almost everything I wanted to after reading some of these comments- but you wrote it much better than I would have.
        I especially agree with the point you made, and everyone just ignored – about the mother “accidentally” walking into the 17yr old’s bedroom and seeing what she saw… I have no idea how can anyone see what the mother saw by accident, especially if the door is closed…  as far as I am concerned, anyone placing so much attention at their own children’s privates has something wrong with them… and I will not even start with the stupidity of the question she made- for starters, she is THE MOTHER- she should know it even without gawking at her daughter’s private parts meaning that the only reason I see for the mother to be worried if the kid is a slut (and again, not knowing it- meaning there is no communication with her own child) , under the circumstances is if the mother herself was q2uite a slut as a teenager.

        Reply to this comment

      2. By AmyL, age 50, from Central Virginia on 08/14/2015

        It’s grossing me out how often you mention “panties.” And I’m not clear why you’re so sure everyone wears them.

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  18. By Jonathan, age 50, from USA on 06/11/2015

    Whoa!  What is this editor’s note supposed to mean:  “Emotional: As we heard from Erin, intense peer pressure to shave leaves straight girls little choice…”  That if a current gen girl doesn’t shave that she’s a lesbian?  Or has to worry about being labelled as such?  That seems like quite a stereotype.

    Reply to this comment

    1. By Gi LIp, age 38, from Kosovo on 07/28/2015

      It means that the editors are a bunch of old-hags who are dealing with a whole lot of their own complexes by dealing with non-issues and , you are right, stereotyping poeple and their problems

      Reply to this comment

  19. By LAUREN, from on 06/11/2015

    Jonathan—It’s been almost 3 years since this was written so I had to reread to see where you meant. Ah… I see. It was in response to Erin’s remark about guys not liking it and I didn’t want to assume preferences beyond that. I actually have no idea what the younger lesbian community prefers, nobody has piped up about that. For all I know, the practice is mainstream pretty much everywhere at this point. Anyone care to enlighten?—Lauren

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  20. By Jim, age 75, from Fremont, NE USA on 06/18/2015

    I. Prefer shaved. I only had one girl friend do it for me, don’t know why I let her go. I think that a bald pussy is cleaner and prettier the a bush. I’ve seen some with landing strips, as long as they leave the clitoral area clear of hair.

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  21. By Gi LIp, age 38, from Kosovo on 06/29/2015

    Dear editors… you are absolutely WRONG in believing that the shaving/waxing trend originated in pornography (well maybe for some people who never heard of it before)…
      I am male, and I come from a society that has been removing bodily hair for a long long time (my guess is we got it from Ottoman Turks- who were considering it a cultural norm as far back as the 12th century)
      There are also a lot os anecdotal proof that most of western Europe during the Reneissance / women at l;east/ removed their hair and middle eastern cultures have been doing it forever
      Old Hindu traditions- from the time of Kama sutra- also involved hair removal.. while ancient Egyptians also removed all their bodily hair
      It is much more correct to say that – looking through history—Growing out pubic hair was a trend that originated in middle ages Europe- thanks to the church and it’s fake morals (about the time when the church also made people wash with their clothes on because it was a sin for god to see you naked)…. and it is trend which is, thankfully coming to an end

    What I personally find dumb are (mainly middle aged unattractive women—who claim that “real women” look like that – natural- while insisting that their male partners shave off their beards ) they refuse to get rid of their pubes by believing that it carries some sort of risk- that it came from pornography—pornographers actually took notice of a growing trend among the population- or that it is somehow unhealthy—- Down here- even the gynecologists will advise the young women who are not shaven to do so because it is much cleaner- it carries much less unpleasant odors and less risk on infections- since the germs nest in that hair

    Reply to this comment

    1. By Robert Thomas, age 74, from Wyoming on 11/28/2015

      I did read your other comments, and YOU ARE RIGHT. I’ve been around the block a few times, and find that people want to be modern and not behind the times. There is ALWAYS a reason for what we do, however most don’t think about it first. YOU ARE ONE INTELLIGENT FEMALE
      MUAH Bob & Shadow

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  22. By Wade, age 72, from Tampa, Florida, USA on 07/02/2015

    First I see many people referring to a shaved vagina. The vagina is the orifice where penises go in and babies come out. They are naturally without hair. It is the vulva that is being shaved. The vulva is the polite and correct term for what is commonly called the pussy. If that area did not naturally have hair, I doubt it would be referred to as a pussy. More than likely it would be called an eel, or something similar that more matched the appearance of a hairless vulva.

    That said, I like a bush. My informal surveys tell me that most me my age do too, although there are exceptions. The younger men and boys like them shaved. I guess some young guys may never have seen a nice bush unless the saw their mother’s. I have to wonder if hair is associated with filth, why do women not shave their heads? I hope that isn’t coming, but it would be the logical next step.

    Cameron Diaz warned women against permanent hair removal. If pubic hair becomes popular and the norm again, those women will regret that move. I may not live to see the bush come back, but I believe some day it will.

    Reply to this comment

  23. By cathy, age 40, from new jersey on 07/19/2015

    i am 40 and i been shaveing since i 15 there nothing wrong with shaveing or waxing

    Reply to this comment

  24. By Greg, age 56, from Phoenix on 08/08/2015

    As a man who has seen his share of porn, I have to admit, there is a certain appeal to seeing women without pubic hair. I do, however, wonder sometimes what the real motivation is for women to shave their genitals. There’s nothing wrong with neatly trimmed pubic hair, either. I can see the bikini issue due to the fact that they are indeed becoming skimpier and skimpier as time goes on. Girls want to feel sexy and wanted and for whatever reason, they feel a bald vulva will make men want them more. While this may be true to a certain extent, I personally would much rather see a neatly trimmed “bush” than no “bush” at all. As far as I’m concerned, a smooth vulva is nice but, in my opinion, makes women look a bit too much like little girls and I want to know I’m making love with a woman, NOT some little girl.

    Reply to this comment

    1. By Gi LIp, age 38, from Kosovo on 08/17/2015

      greg, by telling us how you feel (and being honest about it-which is refreshing, since most people- both men and women just say they like what the believe everyone else likes)  you have just made an excellent point when it comes to the issue of pubic hair removal, or bot men and women—  The way I see it It can basically be placed in two categories, cultural- and generational….
        When I say cultural I speak of societies, like the one I live in,  in which people have been removing pubic hair for longer than anyone cares to remember. This whole discussion got me sort of interested because, what seems to have become in issue in the west- is a complete non-issue here. Pubic Hair goes away- and that is simply the way it is, and has been for centuries (some say we got the tradition from the Ottomans, but most people disagree since the Ottomans occupied the entire Balkans, and until recently No other nation knew what pubes removal is… I remember being in high school in the early 90’s and , whenever I was out of Kosovo, I had to answer to dozens of boys and girls who always had to ask “Is it true that everyone in kosovo Shaves”—since 2000 onwards the rest of the Balkans caught up and it has been having discussions similar to this one)—OF course, we are not the only society to do so… a lot of muslims in the middle east shave all of their body hair as did the ancient Egyptians , and also,  one of the earliest document about this issue comes from india- apparently they were shaving their pubes off about 3 thousand year ago
      which brings me to the other point-  generational, or “trendy”…  nowadays, all women under 30 shave (and a whole lot of men)…soon the world will finaly catch up with my homeland (just kidding)…  the same generation of poeple says that they think that pubes are disguisting (  not only men, women say it too) simply because that is what they have been used too—- Just like you, who are in your 50-s, learned about sex and had your first experiences in the time and place when no one even had an idea that those things could be shaven off… It ios what you know, and that is what you will always like—which is where my point about honesty kicks in- too many poeple these days would say that they prefer this or that just because they think they should….  The same I suppose) goes for the women of your generation- I do not think they prefer hairless balls…
      been writing for tooooo long now, you get my point

        Oh—one ore thing…. the whole idea about a hairless vagina looking like a little girl’s , is just silly- it comes from a line written by some post-feminists in the late 90-s who were, at the time, in their 50-s, an could not compete with the girls in their 20-s who were just starting to shave in large numbers….  It is an untrue statement spread by viscous old hags who talk about “real women” and “real men”—without ever meeting one
        A shaven vagina looks like a shaven vagina- just like a shaven penis looks like a shaven penis—would you say that if you got rid of your pubes your equipment will look like it belongs to a little boy????

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      1. By Greg, age 56, from Phoenix on 10/11/2015

        I could never be anything but honest in any situation regardless of what it is. When I said I PREFER a neatly trimmed bush, it’s just that—- a PREFERENCE. I never said I didn’t LIKE it when women shave their pubes and it is quite sexy, in my opinion. As for what I said about making love to a “little girl” as opposed to a woman, it was just a dumb comment, anyway, and I didn’t mean anything. derogatory by it. I could, in all actuality, care less if a woman shaves or not since it is HER choice. If I’m ever with a woman who has shaved, I’m not about to tell her I don’t like it. Besides, when loving a woman, the penis is inserted inside of the vagina and there’s no hair inside there so I don’t really see that it’s a big deal. It probably is more cultural than anything else.

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  25. By Gemma, age 11, from kent on 08/17/2015

    I’m in year seven and I started to shave in year six I shave my legs, arm pits and vergina

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    1. By js, age 40, from Topeka on 11/28/2015

      Sooooo, you are in year 7 and 11 years old?!?!?!  So you started shaving at 4?

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  26. By john, age 68, from YAKIMA on 08/27/2015

    My wife started shaving her pubic area in her early thirties, and still doing it and looks nice and is 60 now. I started shaving over six years ago and i’m 68.

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    1. By Mathew Cantoni, age 63, from North Adams Mass United States on 01/27/2017

      myself as a man the more hair a lady has on her vagina the better.  It is a major turn on for me, and believe me I go down town all the time

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  27. By Derek, age 23, on 09/13/2015

    Why would it be bad for boys to watch porn and have expectations that a girl will shave? Its as if you think that boys are supposed to have the lowest of standards and always be willing to have sex.

    Porn has not made it unreasonably hard for girls to find sex or praise of their body. Its still harder for boys to get sex or praise towards their body because “promiscuous” girls are seen as bad.

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  28. By Jeff, age 48, from USA on 09/18/2015

    I don’t see the big deal as to whether or not you trim it, leave it alone, or to go bald.  As for myself,  I never like the hair down there and opt to have it removed permanently by laser years ago. It’s just me and my own choice.  Removal of all hairs no matter where the hair is has been being removed for hundreds of years.  I don’t see a thing wrong with it or wrong if you keep it in any way at all.  I did like the saying about guys and their beards,  some have them and a lot of man don’t and tgat does not have anything about being a boy or man!  To people that think that being bald and looking like a kid are out of their minds.  If you people think that why to you shave you face, legs, armpits, etc.  Women and men that are grown up look grown up and kids look like kids.  It is kinda fun looking at all the comments though.

    Just had to put my 2 cents it.  Take care all and do what is pleasing to yourself!

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    1. By Gi LIp, age 38, from Kosovo on 09/20/2015

        If there was a like or up-vote here, you would have gotten one

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  29. By Kipp55, age 55, from south florida usa on 10/04/2015

    i read every one of these comments and decided to add mine. I am 55 years old and male. i believe the choice to shave ones pubic hair comes down to preference. yes some may do it for sexual reasons or to follow societys trends or influenced by porn or whatever but i think from experience most do it because its their personal preference. for me i prefer to shave the lower half (scrotum and around penis) however i keep a small amount of trimmed pubic hair above my genitals. i don’t want to be completely bald as i am 55 and i think i should have some hair there so thus i keep hair only above as i explained. i shave my private area this way because i feel cleaner and more comfortable in underwear and wearing swim shorts etc. it has nothing to do with any other reason but for me. my ex wife (53) kept pubic hair but maintained it very close so yes she had hair there but it was very short. my current girlfriend (shes 60 we live together) keeps her private area completely shaved. this has been her preference for many many years since she was in her late 30’s. she prefers to be shaved for no other reason but her own as she feels it is more comfortable and she feels cleaner. she also did not want to see any grey there and felt better not to have any pubic hair there. it is a personal preference and i respect that.

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  30. By Di, age 13, from Canada on 02/14/2016

    Okay. I know I shouldn’t have been reading stuff like this, but I was getting curious about weather I should or not, this has been stuck on my mind since I noticed I started growing stuff down there. I don’t really ever plan on wearing a bikini or something that most would call “showy” but, should I shave the hair down there? Or is it good for something? I did read like everyone of those comments, and some say it was a good idea, and other said it was bad. Heck, some even said it was a personal choice, or that it was peer pressure done by the fact that most guys watch (or have seen) porn of some type. So…! Is there a problem with it or not? I’m curious as anyone of my age would be, and I’m in a class full of “Barbie wannabes” who where the most REVELLING clothing the school dress code will allow them, so, me compared to them, I look like I’m hiding something, and I am. I’m hiding just about my whole body, because the world, school, etc. Shamed poeple into doing something like that. Yes, shaving “down there” has crossed my mind, because it looks out of place, and it’s odd for me to see when I’m bathing/ showering. So, once again, WHAT IS IT? Good, bad, personal, or just something that poeple want girls to do!

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  31. By Kerri G, age 19, from Annapolis, Maryland on 03/11/2016

    Wow. Really? So many judgmental people on here. The original question came from someone’s Mom who apparently didn’t respect her daughter’s privacy. (knock knock?) It wasn’t really Mom’s business by this time in her child’s life, and it isn’t up to any of you on here to say right or wrong, either.  Going smooth is popular. Get over it. If you don’t want to, then don’t. It doesn’t have to be any more complicated or moralistic than that. Me?  It’s almost swimsuit time. Seeing a big bulge of hair beneath a thin bottom is gross. And that’s not even sticking out from the sides! I searched out “shaved pubic hair” to see if other women have noticed how sheer the material is when it gets wet. And here’s this whole other courtroom.

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  32. By Joey, age 31, from Bali on 04/06/2016

    People shave their face because it looks better. Sometimes its professional, sometimes its sexualy, sometimes it just because that person has a high level of wanting to look their best. Pubes is the fucking same. Personally I think a lot the woman and men that dont take care of their hair are just fucking lazy when it comes down to it. No all, but most. The dont focus on their appearance and fashion trends much at all. If you want to play the game and look good, you have to be up on what people thing looks good. We shouldnt argue of were this particular fashion trend comes from. And even so, just because it MAY come from the porn industry doesnt mean its neccessarily bad. It may just be you are an unfasionable fuck, and this is jsut one more of a building number of reasons society is starting to find you less and less attractive. And fine, its ok to be mad about that it you happen to be set in your ways. Mind you I say most. Some people are trend setters.. new trends emerge.. Look at all these hipster types growing out massive beards and throwing up the man bun..  I personally dont like it, but for some reason heaps of birds are loving this.. Still i refuse to do it, mainly because I cant grown an awesome beard so im fucked anyway. But I dont hate or think they are up to something Im not just because the grow a big fucking beard. Get a hold of yourselves. And as bob dylan said: “”“”“

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  33. By AuldPh4rt, age 41, from London, England on 05/08/2016

    “People shave their face because it looks better.” – no, they do it because SOCIETY DEMANDS THAT THEYLOOKG BETTER”. Whereas it would be healthier if society was less obsessed with looks (at least at work, where the WORK you do should be based on ABILITY, not ABILITY TO BE SHALLOW).
    The fact that people accept all this backwards, image-first, ability-last B.S. in the world, is a major part of what causes the serious problems in the world to continue to exist, I think. Because if someone who SOLVES problems doesn’t get the job because they’ve been concentrating on hard skills like problem-solving, but NOT superficial image-management, then the world gets worse. In empirically-measurable ways. At the cost of merely looking superificially less ‘conformist’ or ‘clean’, or even ‘GOOD’. So what? It would be a great cost-benefit win to have a culture like that. So, the female vulva is also better performing (at hygiene) when it has hair. That’s what the hair evolved for. If you’re all so smart, do you REALLY think your logic is better than a BILLION years of evolution (literally), that brought your body to this point of refinement? Pretty damned thick to think so, in general. State your case specifically if you know better. Shaved pussies have more infection and smell worse INSIDE. Which is the bit you CAN’T wash-off, thus the bit that matters for HEALTH, see? Every woman I’ve had, whose pussy has been shaved, bar one, has had a weird-smelling vagina that I just wasn’t inspired to go down on as a result. Sure, a hair in the back of the throat isn’t nice, but trimming avoids the worst of that. The arguments FOR going hairless, are HAIR-BRAINED. Typical young people – led by the internet, no balls and substance to learn the hard science and lead for themselves. At least, that’s what this sad trend looks like from here. I’ll be off APPEARING (but not actually being) an old fart, and making women cum like I have been since sexual experience number one. Because I care about them – and expect them to care about me. Because the other half of a man is a woman, and don’t you ever forget it.

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  34. By matthew kissinger , age 27, from dickson city on 06/27/2016

    Hmm to me I started shaving my Pubic hair when I was 12. Mainly because its dirty and I’d sweat why to much and I guess its because I like my area smooth. When I got older it was more for woman I was dateing etc . But I also demand anyone woman I date or now in my case married to keep her area shaved as to me its a turn off and really just will not stay with them. If I do it they most. Hmm my guess is your kid likes her area clean its normal . Lastly I have seen some members posting its from the Pornography Industries and people copy it . Like I said above I started when I was 12 and I never sew porn intill I was 19 so that is not why what so ever. Hmm and why are you spying on your child when she’s undressing that sounds so wrong . When I was young I would never allow my parents to do this but then again they gave me my brothers and my sister space.

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  35. By humpty, age 40, from Columbus on 08/06/2016

    Lauren, you are wrong about pubes and hygiene:
    Best to know the details of how to shave down there and do it carefully, of course.

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  36. By Bundy, age 48, from Los Angeles on 01/28/2017

    That’s been a big discussion at my house many times. My wife has been doing that since 95 and my daughters do as well. I haven’t seen mind you but the supplies for that are bought every month. Sometimes I hear them complain about it. One girl is 15 and one is 18 and my wife is 46. I just keep mine trimmed.

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  37. By Nishi, age 100, from Washington DC on 06/03/2017

    Women who shave look—unnatural. Who the hell wants to have sex with a woman who looks like she’s 10 years old? That’s just gross. Trimming it is fine, just don’t shave it all off!

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  38. By JustJack, age 71, from Asheville NC USA on 07/20/2017

      I grew up during the sexual revolution of the sixties/ seventies. I enjoyed eating out a woman as part of our sexual liaison. It gave me great sexual pleasure to hear my partner moaning with joy. In the seventies women did not shave- either their pubic area or their under arms- as a sign of liberation. However, my nose paid a price for their “liberation”. If I was in a long term relationship with a woman I would request that they shave their pubic area- and powder or perfume if available. To a soul they felt that the reward for they loss of ‘liberty’ far out weighed the effort to shave and not one ever complained- before the fact yes- but not after.

    Reply to this comment

    1. By Roland, age 74, from Sacramento,CA,USA on 06/07/2018

      Agree with Just Jack; The beauty of the curves of the female anatomy are a prevalent focal point of the hairless crotch area. The ancient artists captured the beauty of women’s curves by NOT drawing hair there or anywhere except the head.
      I suppose the “hair down there” supporters are the bearded facial hair everywhere fans forcing barbers out of business.
      Its all about different strokes for different folks; we are all at odds with our likes &  dislikes & removable hairy but GODly tatoos.

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  39. By Roger, age 39, on 07/18/2018

    Good!  It sounds like your daughter has a nice vagina.

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