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Apr 20, 2005

Brokenhearted bridesmaid needs support

Dear Straight Talk: I’m 19 and my sister, “Rachel”, is 21. She’s getting married to “Jeremy” and they want me in their wedding. The problem is I’m still feeling a little heartbroken because before Rachel and Jeremy were an item, Jeremy was my boyfriend. He broke up with me after he met my sister when she moved back from college. It’s always been a little uncomfortable, but I’ve brushed it off and been a good sport. Isn’t it a little much that they want to do a fancy wedding with me in it?—Brokenhearted Bridesmaid

Dear Brokenhearted: Did it ever occur to you that they want you in the wedding because they like you?

I have no idea how clumsy the switch to your sister was, but since you all seem to be talking, I assume it was executed with some degree of grace.

Or maybe not—in which case you’re a saint.

I’m going to guess you’re a bit of saint, regardless, and my advice is to keep being one. See if you can invite a good friend to the wedding for support. And one good last cry won’t hurt either. Then hold you head high and be a radiant bridesmaid. Your knight will come in time.

P.S. Once the wedding is over, may I suggest checking under the hood to see where sainthood ends and doormat begins? Because saints sure aren’t doormats, if you’ve done any checking.


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