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Straight Talk Advice by Teens

Popular party drug, Molly, sold as “pure” MDMA, often contains none

Anatomy of the high school party scene

Dear Straight Talk: My daughter, 17, and her friends are getting ready for the big Halloween party, swapping clothes and creating costumes. My problem isn't the costumes being too racy as I've read about in Straight Talk (though…


Male depression very different than female depression

Depressed male took risks, ended up in jail

Dear Straight Talk: I got engaged at 22 and we have three beautiful children. I fell down the wrong path and my fiancé said she would always be there for me. But when I received two years in prison, she left me. Since lockup, I'm…


Dear Mr. Limbaugh: No means No—Or it’s Sexual Assault

Rush Limbaugh woefully irresponsible for saying ‘no sometimes means yes’

Dear Straight Talk: Here's one for your panel. What do they think about Rush Limbaugh's advice to guys that when a girl says no, it might actually mean yes? Really enjoy your column. —John, 70, Rohnert Park, Calif.


Inappropriate ‘girl talk’ driving boy crazy

Is loud, inappropriate ‘girl talk’ the new feminism—or result of nonstop objectification?

Dear Straight Talk: Regarding the thigh-gap column, most guys don’t give a hoot about thigh gaps, but most do care about being subjected to girl talk about thigh gaps, shaving, waxing, breast size, menstruation, etc. My sisters talk…


Cutting, burning, self-harm a cry for help

Cutter desperately wants sibling to tell on her

Dear Straight Talk: I read in Straight Talk about siblings afraid to tell on each other regarding serious issues — and you always say TELL! Well, I wish my 13-year-old sister would tell. I'm depressed and cutting but too ashamed…


Getting a driver license today not the rite of passage it was for Boomers

Brother dislikes chauffeuring big Sis who doesn’t drive

Dear Straight Talk: I am 17 and got my license at 16. The problem is that my older sister, 19, never got her license so my parents have assigned me as her driver. I have a job, school, and other things to do. She's never even had a…


More and more teens take back the night, refuse to be silenced by sex offenders

Young woman faces grim reality of childhood sexual abuse

Dear Straight Talk: A close friend is coming to terms with the fact that her alcoholic stepfather molested her when she was growing up. She never goes home because of him and is afraid that telling her mom will break up the family. She's…


Caught between Beyoncé and Victoria’s Secret, girls shamed for being curvy, shamed for being thin

Just say no to #ThighGap

Dear Straight Talk: I’m happy to observe that today’s teens seem to see the ideal female form as more curvy and less pre-pubescent than in my youth. (Thank you, Beyoncé.) Then I learned of the latest baffling body-image…


Parents give ALL to save a child

‘Good Kid, Bad Kid’—Squeaky Wheel Gets the Grease

Dear Straight Talk: In regard to your recent column on heroin addiction, it's my sister who is the drug addict. My parents spent most of our college fund for her rehabs and I now will need big student loans. They say they had no choice…


Teen pregnancy means deciding between raising the child, adoption or abortion

Boy’s girlfriend is pregnant, pushing him away

Dear Straight Talk: My girlfriend since last Christmas just told me she is pregnant. She is 17 and I'm 18. She's been on the pill since she was 16 but maybe forgot to take them some days?? All she does is cry, call me constantly,…