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Mom worried about her teens’ secretive behavior

Locked bedroom and hushed tones have Mom worried about drugs

Dear Straight Talk: There is something going on that my daughters don’t want me to know about. They've started locking their room and I hear them talking in hushed tones I can't understand. When I asked why they're locking…


Vaping “dabs” at school, latest way to OD on THC

Illicit drug trade, not education, thrives on high school campuses

Dear Straight Talk: I'm a sophomore writing to complain about the open use of drugs at my school. Kids are vaping "dabs" [ultra-concentrated hash oil] with their e-cigarettes in broad daylight on a daily basis. Those boys sleeping in…


Gay and Muslim bullying — two demos that need protection

Schools need “immunization” from bully-induced trauma and rage

Dear Straight Talk: I'm sick of the cruel stereotyping these days. It's especially bad for openly gay teens. My girlfriend and I are assumed to have sex constantly, when, in fact, we don’t even have sex. I don't…


What’s best closure after Dad’s girlfriend splits?

Saying goodbye to kids following a parent-dating breakup

Dear Straight Talk: I’m 43 and was dating a man for six months who has an 11-year-old boy and a 15-year-old girl. Our relationship moved quickly and I often stayed at his house during visitation weekends, thus spending quite a bit…


My BFF started dating my secret crush, how do I deal?

Rebound relationships provide distraction, but often hurt others

Dear Straight Talk: I liked this guy for about two months. The very day I had the courage to tell him, my best friend announced they'd been secretly dating and were making their relationship public. I'm happy for them, yet sad I…


Should teens be allowed to lock their bedroom door?

Sisters with new stepdad want security of a locked bedroom door

Dear Straight Talk: My sister and I want a lock for our bedroom door. We have a new stepfather and we feel uncomfortable not being able lock our door when we’re undressed. He’s good to us, rarely comes inside our room and always…


Conflicting media images drive eating disorders

Unhealthy weight-loss behaviors epidemic among youth

Dear Straight Talk: My 14-year-old daughter is being treated for anorexia and bulimia. Her clothes covered it well. I am writing about the media frenzy around being thin, which goes into overdrive in January. With epidemic numbers of young…


Navigating social politics of police tactics debate

Good Cop-Bad Cop? The problem is deeper and deserves attention

Dear Straight Talk: My friend, 17, is very cold with me now that he's involved in the protests against police brutality. My dad and uncle are both police officers. While I feel terrible for the accidents that have happened, I can't…


Age of the “Selfie” needs course correction

Part 2: Millennials share up-close and personal challenges for 2015

Dear Readers: We continue with Millennial-generation challenges for 2015. While considering these challenges, the last entry by Icis reminds us to not stereotype individuals. Note: These challenges did not occur in a vacuum. All


Millennials share multiple challenges for 2015

Looking forward: Millennial Generation shares challenges for 2015

Dear Readers: The last round of Millennial Generation members (ages 11-33, born 1982-2004) are entering adolescence, while the rest are in various…